New publications from the lab

  • 2011 Oliva, C., Escobedo, P., Astorga, C., Molina, C., Sierralta, J*. Role of the MAGUK protein family in synapse formation and function. Developmental Neurobiology, en prensa. ISI: 2,85.
  • 2011 Castillo, K., Rojas-Rivera, D., Lisbona, F., Caballero, B., Nassif, M., Court, F.A., Schuck, S., Ibar, C., Walter, P., Sierralta, J., Glavic, A. and Hetz, C*. C.BAX inhibitor-1 regulates autophagy by controlling the IRE1a/JNK branch of the unfolded protein response. EMBO J. en prensa. ISI: 10,124.